Important Guidelines     

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In addition to the five fundamentals of Islam, Allah had sent down other guidelines in Quran which are to be strictly followed and practiced by the believers. The prophet Mohammad (saws) had practiced them sincerely with honor and set an example for the believers that they must also practice them. The decrees of Allah are also related to human rights.

1. Role of Family Head in Islam

2. Rights of the Parents, Relatives, Orphans, Needy, Neighbour, companions & Servants in Islam.  

3. Keeping Purity and Cleanliness in islam 

4. Method of Ablution (wuzu)

5. Method of Bathing  (Ghusl) and Dry Ablution (Tayammum) in islam 

6. Remembrance of Allah  [Zikr e ilahi]

7. How to make Dua to seek Allah's help.

8. When Quran is recited listen silently

9. Seek Allah's Blessings for having a Child 

10. Do not be Transgressors and Wasters

11.To chose between Good and Evil

12. When spend in Allah's cause do not show to others

13. Supress Anger and Pardon people

14. Belief in Death

15. Reward in the Hereafter

16. Do not Kill the Believers

17. Avoid Killing any Life Unjustly

18. Husband and Wives will be rewarded, as would Other Men & Women

19. To be Just and also favour Justice

20. Do not Openly describe the Evils (Bad Deeds) of others

21. Forbidden (Haram) Food

22. Halal and Lawful Food

23. Marriage is allowed with following men and women  and  Payment of  Mehr 

24. Marriage is Forbidden with following men and women

25. Miserliness (Kanjoosi or Bukhl)

26. Do not make fun of others, do not Defame, do not taunt or call others by Bad names

27. Obey Allah and Prophet and act accordingly

28. Do not Betray Allah and his Apostle and betray trust of other people (Amanat & Khayanat )

29. Oaths Breaking 

30. Gambling, Intoxicants and Places of Idols

31.  Marriages with people of old scriptures and their food allowed or not ?.

32. Do not kill your children and Avoid doing bad deeds

33. Do not Put Blame on others

34. Good deeds will be increased by ten times while Evil deeds will be given punishment equivalent to its evil

35. Person committing sin will have punishment on himself and will not carry burden of others

36. Beware of Shaitan's Assault

37. Life In Hereafter should be prioritised as the life in this world is like " Play " and "Amusemnet ".  

38. Worship Allah Only

39. Fear of Allah

40. Remember your own deeds before advising others

41. Challenge of Allah to other creature

42. Forbidding mentioning Allah's name in Mosques

43. Bribery (Rishwat) must be avoided & Not to be Dishonest to the Property of others 

44. Wealth handling and spending for cause of Allah.

45. Qibla the Direction of Prayer (for Salat)

46. The Delights (Ne`mate) of Allah should be thanked.

47. Covenants (Promises) must be fulfilled.

48. The Righteous People  (Naik Loag) & Most honourable people in view of Allah

49. Trust on Allah  (Tawakkalto Alal lah)

50. Do not consume Property of the Orphans

51. How to Distribute Property  (Wealth) after the Death of a Person ?

52. To Repent (Taubah karna)

53. Treat your Wives well and Protect them

54. Whom to make Friends

55. Precautions during Menstruation Period of Women (Woman's Monthly Course)

56. What is the provision for Widows ?

57. Riba (Usury) is forbidden

58. How to Obtain Loan (Karz) and make a Deal

59. To greet each other (Salam Karna)

60. To avoid the Forbidden Actions

61.  SHIRK in Islam is Forbidden 

62. Theft and  Punishment

63. To Avoid Violence (Mischieves)

64. To make a Bequest ( Will before death )

65. Do not accuse the Chaste (Decent)  Women

66. Accusing the Wives with witnesses or by taking Oaths .The Wife has full power to avert the Punishment

67. Do not Enter the Other's houses but with permission

68. Dress for Men & Women to guard the Modesty

69. . Instructions for Elderly Women

70. Do not approach Adultery ( Zina or Illegal sexual relationship)

71. Do not show Arrogance ( Proud )

72. Should Speak in the Best way

73. Avoid Lying

74. Sacrifice of Animals ( Qurbani )

 75. Eating Food at Mentioned Places is allowed

76. Servants ,Young Boys and your Children  must seek your permission for visiting you

77. Worshipping in Night

78 . Guidance and Glad tidings of Quran is only for the Believers

79. Adopted Sons are not Real Sons

80. Prophet's wives are Mothers of all Believers

81. To Send Blessings on Apostle and Saluting Him

82. Do not Prostrate (Sajda) to the Sun and the Moon

83. The Believers should not Fight among themselves Rather Enjoin Kindness to each other

84. Avoid  Speculation and Backbiting

85. To Weigh correctly with a Balance

86. Procedure to attend Assemblies

87. Do not Torture (Persecute) the Believing Men and Women

88. Do not refuse to give the articles of necessities to the people

89. To seek Protection of Allah from Evil

90. A person should not overburden himself

91. Do not Abuse other Religions

92. Must have a Group which shows the path of Righteousness to others 

93. The Believers Must adopt the Right Path

94. Punishment to those who reject any Ayat (Verse) of Holy Quran

95. Restrict the Entry of Nonbelievers near Masjid-e-Haram

96. Do not Seek Blessings from Allah for Mushrekeen

97. Shab-e-Qadr or lailatul Qadr ( The Night of Power)

98. Shab-e-Barat or lailatul Bara'ah : Authentic or Not ?

99.  Importance of Friday

100. Command for people of Earlier Books

101. People who Ignored Quraan

102. Life Style of Unbelievers should not deceive the believers

103. To Avoid Bidat (Innovation)

104. Janaza & Salatul Janaza  (Funeral Prayer) 

105. Surah Fatiha & Its Importance

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