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Womens rights

The Arabs were the biggest enemies of the new-born girls. It was a common practice amongst the Arabs for young girls to be buried alive. It was definitely a barbarous act but none the less an established fact. Perhaps, this was due to the bad economic conditions coupled with perceived additonal responsibility of a daughters marriage and safeguarding them during the wars .

In some instances, people used to keep a pit ready by the side of a woman who was to deliver a child and as soon as they got news of a baby girl being born, they immediately buried her in the same pit. After accepting Islam, a drastic change in their behavior was noticed and such practices were totally stopped. The Prophet had taught them to become the biggest defender of the weaker sex. In support, Allah had blessed the Prophet with lots of affection and love of daughters ; He had shown the followers how to bring up and extend love to the weaker sex. The rights of women are sacred and women are fully entitled to share the inheritance of their parents.

Ahadis :

1. Mohammad (saws) said “ Any Believer, who has two daughters and has affectionately brought them up till they become adults . Then the Prophet (saws) joined his two fingers and said , in the life Hereafter , that particular person will be with me like this ”

2. Mohammad (saws) said “ If a believer has three daughters or three sisters and he taught them good etiquettes and treated them with love and dignity till they become independent ,then in the life Hereafter, it would become mandatory to send him to the Paradise by Allah . One of the companions asked , If he gives the same treatment to only two daughters ? The Prophet replied “ Yes ! he would also meet the same fate .