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Who is a Muslim?

A Muslim is a follower of Islam, i.e. "One who submits to the will of Allah". Thus, he has to believe in: Allah (Faith), angels, previously revealed Books of Allah, all the prophets sent to all the nations of the world, from Hazrat Adam to Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon them), the Day of Judgement and indeed the Decree of Allah (God).

A Muslim has five main duties to perform, namely; Belief in the One and only Allah (Iman), observing the prescribed prayer (Salat or Namaz), payment of Zakat (Charity), keeping the fasts of Ramadan (Ramzan) and performing the pilgrimage to Mecca (if capable).

When one has faith in this religion, he must spend his life as per the guidelines given in the "Quran" and the Sunnah (life of the Prophet (saws)). Thus, it is very important that a Muslim has to follow all the guidelines, which clearly means, He cannot accept one guideline which suits to his way of life and ignore another which does not suit him.

The duty of the Muslim is also clearly defined viz; first, duty towards The Creator (Allah) and second, duty towards the creation.

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