100. Command for the people of Earlier Books
101. Command for People of Earlier Books
101. People who Ignored Quraan
102. Istikhara and its Method
103. Life Style of Unbelievers should not deceive the believers
104. The Believers should enjoin Kindness and Patience to each other
104. To Avoid Bidat in islam (Innovation)
107. Ashura Day Fasting
107. Ashura Day Fasting
107. Ashura Day Fasting
107. Ashura Day Fasting
108, Allah is the only Who cures the disease
109. Allah is the only Who feeds and cures illness
109, Allah only cures the disease
110. Save yourselves from Sins
117. Masnoon Dua
118. clothes
118. clothing
11. Chose in Good and Evil
11. Dress Code
12. When spend in Allah's cause do not show to others (Zakat and Zakatul Fitr)
13. Life in this world, Death and belief in life in Hereafter
13. Supress Anger and Pardon people
14 . Do not show to others when you spend in Allah's cause
14. People of Hell (Jahannumi )
15. Do not Kill Believers & Non believers
15. people of Paradise (Jannati)
15. Reward in the Hereafter
16. Husbands and Wives, Other Men & Women will be Rewarded
17. Avoid Killing any Life Unjustly
17. To be Just and also favour Justice
18. Do not Openly describe the Evils (Bad Deeds) of others
19. Chose Lawful food & Forbid Unlawful Food
1. Role of Family Head in Islam
20. Procedure of Marriages and Timely of Payment of Meher
22. Getting Record in right hand in the hereafter
22. Halal and Lawful Food
23. Getting Record in Left Hand or from the back side in the hereafter
24. Marriage is Forbidden with following men and women
25. Be careful in making Oaths
25. Miserliness (Kanjoosi or Bukhl)
26. Do not make fun of others, do not Defame, do not taunt or call others by Bad names and do not dedcribe the bad deeds of others
26. Gambling, Intoxicants (Alcohol & drugs), and Places of Idols
27. Do not kill your children
27. Obey Allah and Prophet
28. Do not Betray trust of people
28. Do not Put Blame on others
28. Fear Allah & Worship Allah only
29. Reward & Punishment for Good and Evil deeds
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