Surah Fatiha & Its Importance

Surah Fatiha and Salat

The Almighty Allah says in Surah No. 15, Al Hijr Ayat No.87

وَلَقَدْ آَتَيْنَاكَ سَبْعًا مِنَ الْمَثَانِي وَالْقُرْآَنَ الْعَظِيمَ ﴿15:87﴾

Translation :

And indeed, we have bestowed upon you seven repeatedly recited verses and the Mighty Quran.

It is well known among the scholars that ‘seven of the verses’ is Surah Fatiha. And they are said to be ‘repeatedly recited verses as they are recited in every rakat of salat. They are between Allah and His creatures, first half is the praise of Allah and the second half is supplication.

These Ayats were revealed on Prophet (saws) with a saying of Allah that these will be repeatedly recited in the world of Islam.

It is known to every muslim that five salats were prescribed by the Al Mighty during visit of the Prophet to the heavens in the night of Me’raaj. Later the method of recitation of salah was brought down and shown by the Ruhul Amin (Hazrat Jibraeel) to the Prophet (saws). Firstly, the demonstration about reciting salah was given to the Prophet (saws) by Hazrat Jibraeel wherein it was established that in every rakat of the salah recitation of surah Fatiha is mandatory and without which the salah remains incomplete.

At several places Quran ask you to perform salah. I am therefore quoting few of them.

Surah No.2 : Ayat No.2-3 , To establish salah

42: 37-38 To perform Salah

2: 238 To Guard your salah

2: 153 To seek help through salah

62: 209-10 Perform Salah on Friday

5:91 Shaitan prevents you to recite salah

29:45 Salat prevents you from lewdness and evils

33:33 Women should perform salah

The punishment for not praying

74 : 42-43 “What led you to Hell ?” They will answer: “We were not among those who observed Prayer.

I hope that the above Verses prove the importance of Praying to Allah in Islam. Praying in Islam can not be compromised. It has to be the first priority in our daily lives. Allah allowed the Muslims to worship Him in any place on earth. Therefore praying in Islam is very important. Allah Has created His Servants to Worship Him only.

This is now a established fact that large number of Muslims who are reciting five salats on daily basis are reciting those ayats in every rakat. Just imagine, if 250 mio. Muslims out of total Muslims population of 1600 mio of the world are reciting five prayers daily and they recite only fard salah it will be calculated 17 rakats in total.

Then the picture will emerge as : 250 x 17 = 4250 millions. Times daily.

Leave apart the other voluntary salah, but if added, the number will further go up.

I now ask a simple Question ? Are you there in the figure of 250 mio.?

Or would you to like to be added to a figure of 250 mio ?